School list help - 100th percentile MCAT/3.9 GPA


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Sep 28, 2017
    Hi, please don't quote this.
    1. GPA/sGPA: around 3.9
    2. MCAT: 100th percentile
    3. I'm from a midwestern state with one public medical school
    4. Race/ethnicity: white
    5. Undergraduate institution: large public school
    6. Clinical experience: 275 hours hospital volunteering
    7. Research experience: about 4500 hours combined from undergrad and gap year in the same biology lab - no publications
    8. Shadowing: 30 hours, primary care (going to try to get up to 40-50 before June)
    9. Non-clinical volunteering: over 300 hours with multiple organizations
    10. Other: I have a hobby that I'm planning on mentioning. I'm also going to try doing something different (not research) for my current gap/application year
    11. Relevant honors or awards: some merit scholarships and research funding from undergrad
    12. Other: I'm not sure if I will include a letter from my PI in my application. He doesn't think I've performed as well as I could have during my gap year and now I'm leaving the lab because my contract is up and I want to do something else. Do you think it's a big problem to have no letter from him? My other letters are solid, and I can get one from a volunteer coordinator from this year to have one that's more recent.

    Current school list:
    • Michigan
    • Pitt
    • Rochester
    • Case Western and Cleveland Clinic Lerner
    • USC
    • Iowa
    • Illinois Carle
    • Medical College of Wisconsin
    • Dartmouth
    • Western Michigan
    • Cincinnati
    • Hofstra
    • Einstein
    • Ohio State
    • U of Miami
    • Indiana
    • Vermont
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • U Chicago
    • Northwestern
    • Wash U
    • Penn
    • Mt Sinai
    • NYU (both - I'm interested in primary care)
    • + my state school

    Walter Raleigh

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    Sep 20, 2015
    1. Pre-Medical
      That "100th percentile MCAT" means a 523 or better. Therefore, given your stats and ECs:
      You are Golden.png
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