School List Help/WAMC - 3.2 cGPA/511 MCAT/TX/ORM

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Dec 8, 2020
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Hi! I'm trying to create a school list and was hoping to get some help. I am applying to medical school for the first time this cycle, and I'm very unsure of which schools to apply to.
I would like to go to a medical school over a D.O. school (mostly because of the stigma against D.O. outside of the U.S.). I know my stats may not allow this - but I was hoping to apply to only medical schools this cycle, and then include D.Os next cycle if need be. I've heard that its frowned upon to apply to a school, get in, and then not go if you have no other acceptances that cycle - which is why I'm thinking about holding off on D.O for this cycle. Please let me know if this is not the case!

My stats are below:

Enrolled in the Medical Master's program (an SMP) at EVMS, to start in August
Resident: TX
Ethnicity: Half white, half chinese
Major: B.S. Neuroscience with a business minor from the University of Texas at Austin

GPA Trend:
  • Freshman - 2.68
  • Sophomore - 3.41
  • Junior - 3.17
  • Senior - 3.74
  • Last Semester - 3.5
cGPA: 3.28
sGPA: 3.16
MCAT: 511 (128/125/129/128)

  • 80 hours of shadowing (surgical oncologists)
  • 90 hours of volunteering (various places, through at club at my undergrad)
  • No research
  • 200 hours working as a TA for microbiology lab
  • 400 hours working as a medical scribe
  • 600 hours - kind of an assistant at home nurse aide? My grandfather was sick while I was in college, so I visited home once or twice a month, and his CNA taught me how to do things pertaining to his care and I did these things on my own after I learned how (the CNA was always there)

Anyway, I have no clue where to apply to. Any and all help is appreciated.
(below is just some extra information about me/my application)

I had my personal statement reviewed by one of the administrators of the EVMS SMP I'm going to, so I think it's strong enough.
My letters of recommendation from science professors probably will not be the best (it's been 2 years since I graduated and these are the only professors I could get in contact with - I got an A in both of their classes). I have another 2 recommendation letters coming from 2 of the doctors I scribe for, and I think that these letters will be better than the science professors' letters. I should get a letter of recommendation from my supervisor while I was working as a TA.

My prereq courses (taken early on in the college) went pretty poorly, but I did better in my science classes in my last 2 years. I had some personal struggles early on in college. I struggled with my mental health (which I've decided would be best not to disclose to medical schools). I had a physical injury (herniated disc, I could hardly sit up/walk/do anything for the entirety of my freshman year because I was in so much pain). My grandfather was ill so I would drive back home frequently to see him. I also landed myself in an abusive relationship starting my freshman year, finally got out of it at the end of my junior year. I'm not trying to excuse my grades, I know I should have developed better study habits sooner - I'm just trying to give some context.

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Sep 15, 2012
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You can apply to your Texas MD schools and you may receive an interview. OOS MD schools interview few Texas applicants and with your GPA none are realistic. You could try TCU-UNT. You should apply broadly to DO schools and that is the most likely scenario a year from now when you are willing to apply to DO schools.