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    would you say it would have been to any benefit to take grad level edu classes prior to start of your program?

    I am returning to get my school sw certification and figured it couldn't hurt to play around the ed school.

    I was thinking their research class, some special pops classes, etc. I am currently registered for only 2...ed research and
    intro to gifted.

    I would chose grad psych electives nut none are offered this summer and only ABA for non-studs in fall.
    please excuse poor grammar/typos.. my dad is having surgery and I an typing this from the waiting room on my phone. thanks in advance.
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    Grad level education classes in school psych were only 3 of the 25 courses I needed to obtain a specialist degree (Ed.S.) in my program. If you are wondering if you need to take more ED classes before your program, I would say no. The Education courses, although comprehensive and thorough, were, for many, much easier than the Psychology ones.

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