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Aug 4, 2002
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Does anyone know where I can find rankings for schools in regards to specific programs? Or does anyone know this info? I want to know what schools really prepare u for OB/GYN. I don't even know if this info is avail or if it even matters. I'm not all that concerned about what med school I go to, more concerned about residency.

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Dec 11, 2001
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I think any school in a big city would offer plenty of OB/GYN patients.

And go to chat sometime!


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Nov 20, 2001
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I am interested in Ob/Gyn myself and have found out that most school give you atleast a good understanding of ob. procedures before you grad. medical school. What do you want to do specifically IN ob/gyn? For eg: do you want to specialize in reproductive endocrinology? Then you may have to pick few certain schools during your residency training. At this point in the game, which med school you get into for an OB/Gyn program should not be a consideration. You can start thinking about this when you apply to residencies.

Good luck!!!
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Virtually all U.S. medical schools have a 3rd year OB/GYN rotation and will provide opportunities to prepare you for going into the field. During 4th year, you will do subinterships and away rotations ("externships"). The opportunities for getting involved in women's health will vary depending on the institution's location, number and quality of faculty and housestaff, extracurricular activities/organizations, funding, etc. Networking is very important and if you are at a big name place with the top people in the field, then you may have more doors open to you by way of letters of recommendation, research and clinical opportunities, and word-of-mouth.

OB/GYN is a large and flexible field, depending on your career goals. Things you may want to think about: do you want to stay in academics? Do a fellowship? Go into private practice? Where do you want to set up shop? etc...

Hope this helps. :D

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Do not choose your medical school based on what you perceive *might* be your field of choice years from now. Reasons being:

1) many of those who begin medical school wanting to do "Specialty X" end up doing something else

2) as others have noted, all US medical schools, and most of those abroad will provide you with adequate exposure to OB-Gyn during your Core rotations.

3) despite any interest you may have in the field, you will not gain anymore exposure or be anymore competitive coming from School X vs School Y.

4) with the exception of a notable *very* few schools, the name brand does not significantly alter your application and ability to match and match well into the field of your choice. Your application is evaluated on your USMLE scores, LORs, clerkship grades and evals.

Choose the medical school at which you would be happiest (ie, the cheapest one, the one closest to home, the one in a city you've always wanted to live in, the one with the friendliest students or one with a particular faculty member you've always wanted to work with), not for some perceived benefit in matching which may not be real.
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