Schools that call for an acceptance vs. email?

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Feb 9, 2014
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Does anyone know which schools prefer to call applicants about an acceptance, and which ones email? (Or what the norm seems to be at least). Also, any chance to get an acceptance email at midnight tonight? Lol. Neuroticism 10/10

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All I can tell you is that the two places I've interviewed at (Drexel & UNMC) deliver acceptances by snail mail. :(
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I don't think you'll make much progress with finding a list of which school does what because of the volume of programs. But, in my limited experience my acceptances all came by phone call, followed up by email and snail mail. The only exception was one school, Loyola, where they acceptance came in the mail only. In general schools do whatever they like as long as they don't break the gentleman's agreement about when to release acceptances.
I think Jeff does phone calls? Maybe?