There has been some discussion that some schools "move early" compared to others. I thought it would be helpful if people could post those schools that they know of for other people. Thanks.


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Jan 4, 2002
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as far as i know, cornell only has two MSTP interview dates, Oct 15th and Nov something, which means that you want to send in the app well before sept. they give a decision before jan for mstp

anybody know about any other schools like that????

(from what i've heard, last year columbia and cornell started interviewing in sept...hence some interviewers were questioned about the 9/11)
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Jul 12, 2002
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Yes, WashU will tell you if you are accepted or not 1 week after your interview.

Hopkins is rolling too. I interviewed on Oct 12th and got the acceptance letter on Nov 15th. They dont decide on the funding till later though


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Feb 16, 2002
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Case Western is rolling. Their committee meets about once a month and makes some offers each time. (I found out only two days after I interviewed)

U-Mich is rolling, though I'm not sure how often their committee meets (I think it was maybe a few weeks before I heard). I think they offer only a few "early" spots each time and roll some individuals over instead of rejecting flat-out.

U-Wisc operates a lot like U-Mich.

UNC-Chapel Hill holds two interview weekends back-to-back and then makes all of their decisions at once

U-Pitt and U-Penn finish all of their interviews before making any offers

If at all possible, I HIGHLY recommend that you apply to at least one rolling school (as long as there is one that you are interested in). Case's quick decision saved me from the expense and time of half of my interviews (considering I was really interested in their program). Plus, I think that it makes it easier to go through your other interviews knowing that, if worst comes to worst, you have a spot somewhere...
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