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Aug 4, 2017
  1. Pre-Medical
    As a disclaimer, I am not applying until next cycle (June 2018) but would like to get an idea so that I can start shaping a school list to apply to when the time comes. Thank you for your input!

    1) cGPA: 3.74, sGPA: 3.77. Had a tougher freshman year due to health issues which caused surgeries and hospitalizations while in school/finals. Upward trend across the four years.

    2) MCAT: 512 (129/126/128/129)

    3) California resident

    4) ORM, white male

    5) Undergraduate institution or category: UC San Diego

    6) Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer): 315 hours of clinical volunteering, 200+ hours of hospital leadership volunteering

    7) Research experience and productivity: 1 year of research experience at university with one poster presentation.

    Began a two-year long postbac research position at NIH in July, will be there July 2017 - July 2019. Expecting to get a few pubs.

    8) Shadowing experience and specialties represented: No physician shadowing experience yet, planning to do this in my first gap year.

    9) Non-clinical volunteering: About 25 hours volunteering for a nonprofit that creates items for cancer patients, and about 8 hours volunteering for a cardiac screening nonprofit.

    10) Other extracurricular activities: Mentioned above, I was on my clinical volunteering org's leadership team and have 200+ hours of leadership there. Tutored for my undergrad university and individually for a bit. Worked at a summer camp both as a counselor and as a leadership member.

    11) Relevant honors or awards:

    Graduated cum laude
    Won best poster at a presentation for my undergrad work.

    12) School list (all MD):

    All MD
    University of Massachusetts
    UC Davis
    UC Irvine
    UC San Diego
    University of Minnesota
    East Virginia
    George Washington Uni
    Georgetown University
    Indiana University
    Mayo Clinic - AZ

    Should I consider DO? What other schools should I consider, and WAMC? Thanks!


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    Sep 15, 2012
    1. Attending Physician
      You have state public schools on your list that accept very few non residents with your MCAT and no connections to the state so remove UMass, Minnesota and UMD. Consider adding all these schools:
      New York Medical College
      Virginia Commonwealth
      Oakland Beaumont
      Western Michigan
      Medical College Wisconsin
      Rosalind Franklin
      St. Louis
      any new schools that may open for 2018 (Roseman, Seton Hall, Kaiser, etc.)
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