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Aug 8, 2002
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Hi guys and gals:

I've got a question regarding how much the science GPA shall affect my chances at med school acceptance. Does math class (i.e. Calculus and Differential Equations) count as part of the science GPA? If not, my science GPA is really pretty low, being a 3.4 right now. What really bugs me is that this past semester I was only like 8 points away from getting an 'A' in Biology I, but I ended up with a 'B'. I still have to take Biology II and Organic I and II. So the best s-GPA I can hope for will be around a 3.6 - 2.7 if I make 'A's on the other 3 classes I need as pre-reqs. My cumulative GPA (I'm a computer science major at one of the best programs in my state) will also be about a 3.6. Another mistake I made is that since I went to a community college for my first two years, I ended up with all the upper-level (tough) computer science classes left for the end... so I have a little bit of a 'downtrend'. I guess the only thing I can hope for is a relatively good MCAT now (i.e. at least a 27, with a 30 being what I'm shooting for). So, to sum it up, here are my questions: (1) Is math classes counted in the science GPA, and (2) What is my chances at acceptance to med schools based on a s-GPA of around 3.6 and all the other regulars (normal ECs, 27-30 MCAT, decent LORs, etc.). Your input is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks!!!
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