Science letter of rec dilemma -- will neuroscience courses from the psych department count?

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Jun 20, 2018
In my senior year, which is when we’ll hopefully be back in-person, I plan on taking a neuropsychology course (psyc-431) taught by a professor in the psychology department. I am actively doing research in this professor’s field and have already developed a relationship with said professor (he is a neuroscientist even though is in the psych department). I will also be taking a cognitive neuroscience course (psyc-340) with a professor from the biology department. I believe I will stand out in these two courses due to my interest in the subject matter, but I am worried that the letters from these professors will not count as “science” letters because both courses are offered by the psychology department. One of the instructors has the title of "professor of psychology", which is incredibly misleading because he's a neuroscientist.

I really want to avoid asking for letters from my previous science professors (chemistry, biology) because they taught in enormous lecture halls and even though I did well, the professors literally don’t know me and their letters would be generic.
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