Scientific Literature Review Work Opportunity for Medical Students, Residents, and other trainees

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Dec 22, 2021
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Paid Remote Opportunity - Request for Interested Candidates
Rapid Scientific Literature Review Opportunities

Hello. If you are a medical student or other trainee (e.g. resident, fellow) and interested in potential scientific literature review work opportunities, please take a look at this form and consider adding your info at the link below:

I am an Internal Medicine physician as well as a health technologist by background, and part of a clinical development group at a biotech company, focused on innovation in the way we operate clinical trials. Many groups in my organization have an ongoing need to quickly survey and summarize specific topics, including applications of sensor-based technology and wearables in various conditions.

We are currently gathering interest with this form, and will be looking at the field of interested candidates. This will most likely be a set of paid, time-bound opportunity that come up periodically during the year. This could include literature reviews taking anywhere from 5 to 40 hours of commitment for qualified candidates, with deliverable deadlines, most likely in a 2-4 week timeframe for each opportunity.

The work would be remote-only, and otherwise flexible in terms of the work hours for the actual literature review, as long as the deadlines and other deliverable criteria for the literature review are met. (Additional publication potential): we are also exploring and looking for a path for some of the reviews to be compiled as publishable literature reviews, provided they are conducted as a systematic review with clearly formulated question(s), for candidates who may be interested in publishing.

Note: this thread on and this account will not be monitored for replies. Please use the form at the link above if you may be interested.


Henry Wei, MD

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