Score drop on Full Length progression, what to do?


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Jan 27, 2011
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    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I'm taking the MCAT on May 31st, and so far I've done six full lengths. I did a Kaplan study course over the past semester as well.

    My scores are as follows:

    FL1: 30 (9/10/11) Not done with content review here
    FL2: 35 (12/11/12)
    AAMC 11: 37 (11/11/15)
    FL3: 35 (11/9/15) I miscounted my verbal passages this time...d'oh
    AAMC 10: 39 (13/11/15)
    FL4: 32 (11/9/12)

    I know that these scores are fine as far as acceptance into medical school, but I'm kinda obsessed with really kicking the teeth out of this thing. I'm rather irritated about Full Length 4. I wasn't tired or unduly stressed, it just...overwhelmed me. The passages seemed way more dense and it was extremely difficult for me to conceptualize exactly WHAT I needed to answer questions. This was really obvious on the PS section, and still somewhat on the BS section. The VR section threw me, I thought I did excellently on it (whoops). It's not the scores that bother me so much as the percentages correct. I had 57 percent on PS, 65 on Verbal, and 65.38 on BS.

    First, what can I do/study to ensure that even the really dense passages don't throw me like they did here? There's always more room for content review, but some of this stuff I don't think I'd ever glean from a class or a kaplan book. Second, have I been evaluating my potential MCAT performance too highly? I felt before this test that I could easily pull off a score in the upper 30's, but as I said, this one kinda kicked me in the rear.

    Just thought I'd get some opinions from fellow obsessive people. Thanks in advance!
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