Scored sub 160 range (162-163) on Step. 3 days before 69% on Free 120 timed.

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Apr 7, 2014
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Hey everyone.

I got this score back. It doesnt make any sense to me. The exam i felt was fair, i checked answers after - yes there was some i got wrong but there was more right than wrong. 3 days prior to sitting, i free 120 timed (old) and scored 68.5%. I felt there was some issue with submission when i asked the proctor what the submission process was like since there was no (final submit exam button). my screen just went black after i completed my 7 blocks. I and the proctor assumed this was normal. Im a little blown away i scored that low. I did a only 2 other NBME's IN AN EXAM SETTING - one around 55% (NBME 30) 2 months prior, and 64% 1 month prior (NBME 27). I did the rest of the NBME's as practice questions (not timed, block then review. block then review method) so i will not be using those scores as an accurate representation.

I do not think there was a problem with SCORING my exam (so recheck is useless obviously) but i have a feeling there was a glitch error. Like people score in the 170 range before they begin prep... how tf did i score lower after months of prep? Im just stunned. Im going to be calling USMLE tomorrow but i was hoping someone could tell me that this MAY happen and it DOES happen once in a blue moon? Im going to call both the proctor location and USMLE HQ tomorrow and inquire about logistical mistakes that could have happened.

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Update: ECFMG told me to contact NBME to begin an investigation since there is a possibility and it does seem there was some sort of tech issue/glitch
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Just wanted to say I hope things turned out to be a glitch at the site, and you will at the very least get a chance to retake it without the fail in your record if it was an issue with the computer!