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Feb 5, 2007
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I will be trying to scrmble in a few hours - I will be trying to scramble for every low lying spot as I am not a very competitive candidate (passed step 1 with a 77 first time, failed step 2 ck by one point first time, passed second time with an 81) - including transitional years.

My understanding is that when you get into residency, Medicare sort of allocates whatever dollars they are committing to your education the first year - ex.if you match to a fam practice position, they have allocated 3 years of money to programs to educate you, and so if you were to switch pgy2 into a psyche or surgery program there would not be enough money since they are longer programs (and programs have to come up with the funds for the rest of your residency education). If I scramble to a transitional year alone - does that mean there will be no money set aside for any other training if I get into some form of primary care for PGY2+?

I feel I am more competitive than my board scores show (but who doesn't) - as indicated by my LOR's, the amount of actual hands-on I received in my clinicals (got to do a ton of procedures on my own, manage patients from admission to discharge on my own etc- did all of my clinicals in the USA), I worked quite a bit outside of school through my first 3 years of school, and did nothing to prepare for boards other than study on my own. I retrospect I should have taken inclass reviews for boards, but didn't as I feel this is the major thing holding me back as an FMG. But I am not sure how to get programs to look t me with such poor board scores

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Apr 9, 2000
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HCFA (now CMS) funding is based on the length of time of training once you match into a categorical position. Therefore, TY or Prelim years do not count toward the total; the counter starts once you match into FP (or whatever specialty).

best of luck...