SDN really is the single best resource for med school admissions... thank you catcoms

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Jul 30, 2019
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Where else can you vent your neuroticism/stupid questions and still have multiple adcoms patiently answer the same answers they've been answering for the last X years? As much as I like the memes on premeddit, it really does feel like the blind leading the blind (no offense).

There's like 10+ years worth of free admissions guides and advice on here that you'd be charged thousands of dollars for elsewhere. I didn't even know DO was a thing until I read the reinvention guide 3 years ago.

Seriously, thank you for dealing with the neuroticism on a daily basis catcoms (and dogcom). I honestly wouldn't even be applying if I hadn't read the posts on how to prepare ECs/what's clinical and not clinical/how to fix your GPA trend etc, and I'm sure many others can say the same.


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You know you're a true SDN-er when you know all the catcoms by avatar 😂
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