Second Look

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May 31, 2008
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Let me know if all this info is somewhere else and I just haven't found it. I'm wondering about 2nd looks- how many people go on 2nd looks- and to how many programs? Does the program consider you more seriously if you go for a second look? What about cost- do they help with housing, etc?

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where? to the progs i REALLY REALLY would want to be in. (my top 2)

why? to see the interns in a more "regular" setting- talk to and get more opinions about the program, observe part of a floor day, the interactions, see if my first impression stands.

as for considering the applicant more seriously... just going on a 2nd look probably doesnt do much. if the prog director/interviewer recommended a 2nd look and asked to send him your opinion, then it ..might.. keep (or raise) your ranking. if a 2nd look concludes with doing a meeting with the PD and you impress him/her then maybe +1 for you. if you fumble probably wont bode well.

cost? got lunch and parking validated :)