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Second Year Research


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Dec 21, 2016
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hey Everyone! I am going into my second year and didn't get into research my M1 summer. I am sort of interested if I find the right topic. Do you think it would be ok for me to get into research my second year? I am interested in Ob/Gyn. I do not believe Ob/Gyn residency is too into applicants having research but I do not want to be at any disadvantage.


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    Dec 22, 2017
    1. Medical Student
      Research is fine as long as it isn't affecting your school/board studying.
      I just finished my 1st year of medical school, and now I'm doing research at UAB. I will have the chance to have a first author publication and a 2nd publication as a co-author. The project is more related to community health/preventive medicine (I have an MPH). Would this help me if I want to get into a good IM program ???? (thinking that I will get 230+ on step 1)
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