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Oct 5, 2002
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Hi guys... I'm wondering if i could get anyone's advice. I applied already to 12 schools, but I have 5 others that I didn't do the secondaries for yet partially because I'm running out of money and want to know which ones I should apply too. I want to apply to the ones that I have the best shot at getting in, if you don't think I have a shot at any of them just be honest and say because I'd rather not waste any more money. My gpa is really good: 3.9 but my MCAT scores suck: V7,P8,B11 Q the first time and V9,P8,B9, Q the second time. These are the schools: Pittsburg, U. Illinois in Chicago, Temple, U. Maryland, Chicago Pritzker. Oh yea and I'm a NY state resident if that matters. Thanks!


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Jan 8, 2002
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I'm not 100% sure about the other schools, but Temple is one that you should finish. They accept roughly 40% of their class form out of state. The class size there is about 200, so you have a great shot there with your GPA and MCAT scores.

UIC, I think takes about 10% of the class from out of state.

Thats all I can remember off hand as far as how those schools you listed accept out of state applicants. If I could just find my MSAR, I'll let you know the numbers for the other schools. Good luck!
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