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Secondary Essay - Someone Reword?


Constipation Nation!
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Jul 26, 2003
    Which way to go with this very easy question?

    Please provide a summary of your most relevant leadership experiences? (USC)

    1) Write down multiple experiences?

    2) Write down your major (singular) experience? I feel like this essay is most effectively done by discussing one major experience as oppossed to weakening my position by talking about multiple ones...


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    15+ Year Member
    Jun 23, 2003
    1. Attending Physician
      Pick out the one, two, or three you thought had the most impact in your life. Something that was totally meaningful. Then narrow down that group to the top 2 most meaningful.

      I would mention at least two. Don't go into a ton of detail; whet their appetite so they're enticed to bring you in for an interview.

      Personally, I wouldn't have anything to list because I've never been in a leadership position.
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