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Dec 23, 2002
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I have a question, particularly about Yale?s secondary and maybe others, once they start rolling in? When they ask for information that is extra that was not included in the secondary, is it wise to include information that is in the primary application? How much of the primary application should leak over to the secondary? It seems that some of the questions in the secondary are already answered in the primary application.

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there may be repetition between the primary and the secondary - but that just means you wrote the original PS towards what they were looking for. It doesn't mean that you should aim to duplicate or that that is even good. Imagine you were reading it. What would sell you more on the candidate - reading the same info over twice (boring) or seeing even more wonderful things about this candidate? Use the secondary as an opportunity to present as much new info about you as possible.
I thought Yale did a good job with its secondary; it asks for why you want them in particular which makes sense, then it asks for what you think are the most important activities and achievements from your amcas, and then there's the question about was your education not consistent.

In these questions I think there's alot of room to really talk about who we are, and why we want that particular school. It seems to me, that in the end the Yale application should create a really full picture of us as candidates and to tell our stories really well.

When I fill these things out I spend alot of time thinking about the final picture that they will see of me. Schools like Rochester just seem to want you name, address and a check for $75, which is fine too, I guess.
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I like the question about Why Yale? but the secondary experiences seems a little repetitive. Also they have a section that says to include something important that may not be in the secondary. Should I include something that is addressed in my primary application?