Secondary Question: What are your future medical career plans?

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Nov 5, 2014
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What are your future medical career plans? Please describe your hopes for your chosen medical specialty, type of practice, and size/type of practice community. (200 words)

Does it reflect poorly on me if I don't say something like rural primary care? My plan is to go into general medicine then do a fellowship in heme/onc and practice medicine in a big city. Would that make me look selfish or reflect poorly on me in any way? Would I have to explain the reasons behind my plans?

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Show reasonable long term plan, back up with your knowledge/impression on the specialty, give solid reasons, i.e. how previous shadowing/research experience in the relevant specialty made you consider a career in the field.

At least that's what I did, hopefully that's helpful.
Ultimately, the question is asking what impact do you want to make in medicine. What is your drive? What particular group of ppl do you want to serve. Granted we want to serve everyone, if you look at your target population, in most cases it will tell you where you want to practice.