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Sep 4, 2006
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Sep 11, 2014
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For the USC prompt "Describe a situation in which you didn't get something you felt you deserved," I gave a response about something I got that I didn't think I deserved. Complete 7/25 and still haven't heard back. Just realized I made this mistake.

Should I email them and acknowledge the mistake and offer to send an updated response (I guess via email) to the intended prompt? Or should I just let it be and hope that they decide to overlook the mistake? Do you think it's likely they would be forgiving about this or is it an automatic rejection?

I'm bummed because USC was one of my top choices and I think the rest of my secondary is pretty good.
You may try contacting them, but they may not allow you to rectify this mistake. Your application wasn't passed over because of this error. Medical schools have quite literally 1000s of applications right now to review, and they don't quite necessarily review them in chronological order.
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