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Jan 14, 2016
I've gotten about 80% right on C/P Section Bank in two slightly overtimed settings (did 51 questions in one setting and 49 in another, 37/51 on the first half, and 42/49 on the second half both done in about an hour and 30 minutes). I was wondering if the consensus was that two-three of the passages on the real AAMC was like the section bank (as in the section bank is supposed to prepare you for the hardest 30% of the exam). Or nowadays, is it more trending towards like 50-60% of the real deal. I've been looking at the score excel sheet which posts percentage on question packs, and AAMC FL and Sample Test and compares it to the real deal, but there aren't too many comparisons with section bank. Some guidance would be helpful, especially from recent June/July MCAT takers.
May 13, 2015
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This is a Medical Student forum. You'd get better details on the Premed forums.

When I studied for the Mcat I found some descent information comparing percentage correct to percentile ranking. This information will never be correct however.
The best way to know where you stand is by taking the practice MCATs that actually get scored (Kaplan, TPR, etc...).
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