May 13, 2016
2) What is the best explanation for the difference in the number of intrusion errors in Phase 1?
I don't understand the concept here. Is this right: if we hear something with our ears, the signal travels to the auditory cortex in the opposite side of the brain, and then finally to the language center in the LEFT hemisphere?

10) In mammals, which brain area is LEAST involved in the abilities mentioned in the first paragraph?
Frontal lobe is associated with attention skills. What are the hippocampus and thalamus associated with in terms of the first paragraph.

26) The principles of perceptual organization described in the first paragraph are most closely related to which psychological theory?
How do you figure out this is Gestalt. I guessed it was Gestalt because of the figures given.

29) The types of perceptual experiences, illustrated in Panel A, that are not relevant to a person’s judgment and decision making processes, but can still have a biasing impact on those processes, are best described as:
I really don't understand how to do this question.

41) Which psychological theory best explains the role of community values in the preliminary studies of tobacco cessation?
Where in the passage is there support for the answer?
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