Seeking: LECOM student host for this Sunday night

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Aug 19, 2003
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Anyone available? Just PM me. A PBL student would be cool, BTW, since that's what I'm interested in.

Lincoln :)

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what is it that you need? i am a current lecom 3rd yr. doing rotations in florida.
Just to clarify, I'm interviewing on Monday for the Florida campus of LECOM (Bradenton). I am seriously interested in PBL and I would be within an hour of my family, so Btown would be great for me.

I am looking for a student who would let me crash with them Sunday night in Erie and with whom I could go to campus in the morning for my 8am interview. I'm coming in from Cleveland sometime Sunday night on Greyhound because I'm poor and enjoy meeting interesting people. No seriously. :)

Lincoln :)