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Discussion in 'For Sale and Advertisements' started by reapplicanthelpme2014, 09.24.14.

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  1. reapplicanthelpme2014

    reapplicanthelpme2014 2+ Year Member

    Medical Student (Accepted)
    Hey everyone! Finally done taking the MCAT and I have a bunch of material that I no longer need. I am selling all 5 of the Examkracker content books (also known as the MCAT COMPLETE STUDY PACKAGE by Johnathan Orsay) and the KAPLAN content books (all in like new condition). The Examkracker books have some notes in the first chapter or two, but other than that, they are fairly unused. Selling both as a package deal for $175. Pictures attached to this post. Please PM me if you are interested in purchasing them! Willing to negotiate as well!
    IMG_6691.JPG IMG_6692.JPG IMG_6693.JPG IMG_6694.JPG
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