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Jan 14, 2016
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Hey all,

I had received a secondary from a school way back in July. I had already finished the secondary a month ago (early August) and was about to submit, when the application says that I have to submit my application for a scholarship (if I'm going to apply for the scholarship) BEFORE I submit my secondary, and they want the confirmation code from that application in your secondary. Nowhere on the scholarship or medical school website does it say that this application must be submitted before submitting the secondary to medical school. It only says we review materials in parrallel, and even says on their website to "not worry about your scholarship application just focus on your med school application". It makes absolutely zero sense because the scholarship says they won't consider you if you're not accepted at your medical school program makes much more sense to get the medical school app out of the way and then worry about the scholarship portion. But I'm just a stupid premed....

Regardless, the scholarship application is HUGE. It had two huge personal-statement type essays (easily 1000 words each), a few short answers, a series of pre-recorded video answers to questions.....TLDR it's not a simple one essay scholarship application. So basically i'll be submitting my secondary two months later than when I got my secondary in my email (Early September).

I want to send an email to adcoms talking about my interest in their program because I know about this two-four week turnaround time. I don't want them to think I was disinterested, the only thing kept me from submitting early was this scholarship application.

Should I send an email? or would that only bring attention to the fact that I'm super late? or does it not matter?


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Jul 26, 2009
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Yes by all means send an email highlighting you are late because you didnt read the directions and were blindedsided by the need to complete two more long essays for a scholarship that you want.
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