Medical Sending in Spring Semester Grades and should I mention scholarships to schools I am waitlisted at?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Hey, so this fall semester I got a 3.5 gpa which was lower than the gpa I got any other semester and I chose not to send my transcript to medical schools in the winter. Now this semester I am going to have a 4.0 and so I know it is late in the game but I was wondering if it would help to send in my transcript to the schools that I am waitlisted at.

Also I recently received a scholarship from the school I have selected plan to enroll for and with this scholarship I know I would not pick the schools I am waitlisted at over this school unless they price match (which all the schools I am waitlisted to have been reported to price match or at least give merit scholarships to people on the waitlist). I have been sending in updates, but I have not sent in a letter of intent. Would you recommend mentioning this scholarship to schools I am waitlisted at, especially my would be top choice to explain why I have not sent a letter of intent?
Good grades are always worth an update


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Mar 12, 2013
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I would absolutely update the schools about your grades since it can only help you. You're saying you got a full-ride scholarship at one of the medical schools you have been accepted at, but there is another school you would rather go to pending them giving you matching tuition? I wouldn't mention any type of scholarship to the schools you are trying to get off the waitlist at. You are putting the carriage before the horse. Get off the waitlist, and then you can bring up the scholarship.

Overall, you should definitely go to the school which will be the cheapest. Overall, your success is based on YOUR study habits and effort, not the school you attend (for the most part).
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