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Dec 14, 2001
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hi, i've written the MCAT twice and was on the online mcat additional score report (ASR) website and noticed that I had the option of selecting which scores i'd like to send to the schools i've selected...does this mean that I can basically send my top scores without the schools knowing about my previous sitting??

does anyone know what we have to do in this situation? do we have to send both scores or do i just send my best score, which was my last sitting??

thanks all!!!


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Jun 1, 2002
Los Angeles, California
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i took the mcat more than once as well. it is advisable by most schools that all scores from all seatings must be released. Since you improved, it is to your advantage only. many schools will assume that you did even worse that you may have actually done if you choose not to release your scores. Remember, most schools take your most recent mcat scores...and some take your best scores. You really have nothing to lose by releasing both. However, if you hide one, they still know that you have taken it, but they just don't have your score. it's far better to be open than to hide stuff from admissions committees. i hope this helps!
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