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May 20, 2002
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Hello everyone,

I went to an undergrad college which has pre-med advising committe. However, I currently only have 3 LORs and the committee requires 5 letters before they could interview me and write me a pre-med committee composite letter.

Do you think it is ok if I forward those 3 LORs from the advising office without any composite letter to med schools? Of course, med schools will automatically know that an adivising office has sent those letters without the composite statement. In that case, some schools require you to write reason of why you are not sending composite letter and instead sending individual LORS.
In my case, I'm sending individual LORS but using the advising office instead of asking professors to directly mail med schools the letters (b/c the professor have already sent their LORs to the advising office).

Please let me know if it is ok to send LORs from the same advising office which would otherwise normally send a composite letter instead.



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Apr 27, 2002
I'm in a similar situation. I have a committee but I am only having them send the packet of letters. But my reason is that I do not meet one of their minimum criteria. So for those schools who say you must utilize their service and if not write a statement as to why u arent, then I have done exactly that, written the statement that I just dont meet the qualifications for their letter. So I guess you wouldnt meet the qualification either since u dont have 5 letters. You may be able to get away with that. Good luck.


i think a single committee letter would be better than three individual letters, which are forwarded by *you*, since it won't look as confidential.
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