Sep 29, 2011
I'm soon to be entering my senior year, aka I have 3 more semesters left until graduation (summer included), but my application is lacking a few critical aspects such as research and clinical involvement. I've done the 100 volunteering hours, and I've been involved in tutoring / mentoring underprivileged kids as well as working.

As it stands now, I need to stay on my hustle until graduation--do well on the MCAT and raise my GPA a bit (current ~3.45) to really be competitive for schools in my area (NYC/NY). I'm afraid I won't have time to incorporate research and extra clinical stuff, while trying to close out my semesters as close to 4.0 as possible.

My question is, if I am applying June 2015 for Fall 2016 admission, and in that interim I fill some of those gaps, will it be too late to add on to my application for schools that are reviewing or have reviewed my file? In other words, would it be negligible at that point and I simply need to get it done before hand? What is the best way of going about this?

PS: I'm a non-trad who has worked Full-Time/Part-Time every year of college, and I go to a very competitive top 10 school, so that is why I don't think it's unrealistic to multitask research & clinical opportunities these last 3 semesters without bringing my GPA down some..


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Apr 12, 2011
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Research is not a must unless you're shooting for the too schools or going the MD/Phd route. You do want to have shadowing or hospital volunteer under your belt to show adcoms that you know what you're getting yourself into.