Sept 11th MCAT

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Aug 15, 2007
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im taking the sept 11th CBT MCAT as well. im in the same boat as you, just wanna get it over with and get a good score. lol, i know i'll get atleast one of those goals. u taking a practice on the 10th or just chillin?
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I'm also taking it on Tuesday. I'm retaking, took it the first time in June and got a 26. I hope to improve on that score! Unlike you guys, I've taken about 20 full lengths if you count the first round of studying with the second. Best of luck to us all!
Bahhh, half of me wants to just get this thing over with but the other half is scared to death! I just took CBT 10 and it was in the low range of my scores...what a bad way to end the practice test taking, huh? Ahh well, time to study some more...good luck to all of us Sept. 11th people!