Serious question - hemorrhoids


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Oct 21, 2002
    My friend (no its not me) says he has a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Hes had it about 5 days now. There isnt really a whole lot of pain. He was just wondering if he need to see a doc or will go away on its own. Im not making this up. Hed rather it heal on its own then go to a doc. Thanks guys. Keep the tips rolling.


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    Feb 1, 2004
      Well, first your "friend" first needs to see a doctor to make sure that he has self-diagnosed himself correctly. Anyways, you can refer him to the following websites *after* he has seen a physician who has told him that he has a thrombosed hemorhoid, and not something else (see differential diagnosis section on these websites). Basically, therapy appears to be symptomatic once the diagnosis is made; based upon that website, it looks like your "friend" may have waited too long to have the clot excised.
      P.S. Your "friend" is you, right? ;)
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