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Jun 1, 2009
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I have several waitlist questions:

1) I have been told sometimes sending a letter of update/interest/intent to the dean is more "useful" than sending it to the admissions committee. Would it be safe to address it directly to the dean, send it directly to the dean, and then cc'ing the adcoms so they can add it to my file?

Alternatively, would it work if I sent a letter of update to the adcoms and then the letter of intent/interest to the dean directly?

2) If I call a school regarding making an appointment to speak with the dean (by telephone), and they just say to email the admissions committee with whatever you're going to say, what should I do at that point? Would it be looked upon negatively if I go ahead and email the dean directly with a telephone appointment, and then call him directly if he doesn't reply?


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Apr 5, 2009
1) its not always true that you should send it to the dean. Some schools i applied too stated directly to NOT send it to the dean and only the admin commitee. Point being call the school and do what they say. Also you dont need to send a LOI to the dean and admin committee. You only need to send 1 and it will get to the right spot.

2) do what the school asks. I dont get why pre meds think you have to go with the dean. At some schools you realize the dean doesnt even make decisions on applicants right? Point being if the school says do X then do X...dont try to go around them.