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Party Animal MD

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Jun 29, 2005
I meant 'Sex Education' in patient waiting areas- is this a good idea?

A new organization, 'Healing and Prevention Through Video (HPTV), was established on a unique premise. I have never before seen such a revolutionary group organized for a healthcare purpose.

I wanted to know what other people think about this unique concept of 'healing and prevention through video' in patient waiting areas? Basically education is carried out through the use of video in this setting. This thread is meant for postings of opinions about 'HPTV'.

The following are pieces from the website (hptv1.org):

"We view the patient waiting area as an arena where health needs can be addressed and patient education has a suitable place. Our idea is that since patients are most concerned about their health during these moments of their visit, while patients are waiting to be seen they can watch health educational videos that will inform and educate them on a variety of topics pertinent to their health. Thus, we work to disseminate health educational videos to various patient waiting areas in hospitals and clinics throughout Los Angeles and encourage their use in these settings."

"Our Task Force consists of several students (premedical & medical) and aspiring physicians and healthcare workers in the Los Angeles area. With the support of practicing physicians and health educators, HPTV is now a positive force in promoting health awareness and it welcomes volunteers who want to help to help carry out its current expansion."

The website also describes what members do: "Our efforts are concentrated mainly in the Los Angeles area. We reach out to hospitals and clinics throughout the city of Los Angeles by acting as the ‘middleman’ between companies that create health educational videos and these healthcare facilities. Students from various health-related backgrounds join our effort by brainstorming ways to promote health awareness, disseminating health educational videos, and creating health educational videos for patient waiting areas in both Emergency Rooms and clinics. Medical and premedical students help to research adequate health educational videos and contact various clinics to encourage their use."

The group is accepting people to fill several leadership positions. It's an amazing organization dealing with healthcare of those in the Los Angeles area and this is a *good way to demonstrate to medical school your leadership skills in healthcare*.

The website address again is: hptv1.org

Is education in patient waiting areas an innovative concept?

This thread is meant to induce a discussion on the potential of such an organization, its unique idea, the need for a group like this, and how it can meet its goals.
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