sGPA and Major for Pharmacy school

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Feb 8, 2015
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I am a sophomore in Science Major with Psych minor (no Bio or chem, just Science major..).
Thinking about changing my major to psych B.S and take pre-req sciences for pharmacy.
I had really low gpa in my freshmen year (0 2.5, s 1.9) cuz I put lots of math&science courses and also poor time management. This year, really trying to catch up with ok gpa for pharmacy school... (last sem o 3.8, s 3.6 -> so cumulative science is now 2.xx)
I was thinking concentrating on prereq sciences and getting better grades would be beneficial for my gpa rather than taking tons of science courses (from major requirements but not necessarily prereq for pharm) which can be overwhelming. Haven't studied PCAT but planning on start studying next summer.
I really need your advice: Changing my major would be beneficial or harmful? any suggestions to boost my science gpa? ( i still have orgo2, physics, biochem, physio and anatomy to take..)