Sep 1, 2017
Attending Physician
Hello all,

I wanted to share my study guides. They are very complete and easy to use, perhaps even easier than books, and I wanted to share to help the field of radiation oncology.

Below are the download links, and I've also created a website if you need to find them later.
RadOnc Tables

Estes tables – oral boards download

Dropbox - Estes tables - oral boards.xlsx

Estes tables – key studies download

Dropbox - Estes tables - key studies.xlsx

How to use the tables

Download to your cloud service such as dropbox or google drive and access on your phone, tablet, or computer.

I made these guides to be quick and easy to reference whatever one needs at any time.

Updated frequently. Re-download for updates.
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Oct 7, 2011
Attending Physician
This is the best thing ever :D
you could take help from others and go wiki as well.
(just saying, it's awesome anyways)
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