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Oct 17, 2001
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do you guys think it woudl be worth for me to spend 40 buck to get the two ek full-lengh exams? i dont really have the money, so i wondered if it's really worth it to borrow the cash to get them.

at first i thought i woudl not have enough time to even do them, but i'm almost done with the practice material that i have ( i just have the lasat three aamc ones to do). i've done all the PR full lenghts (481-484) and i'm scared that i'm to used to the this psyco of me? i wanna get a feel for other exams.

okay, shoudl i order the two tests? thanks.


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Jun 9, 2002
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well, have you taken any of the aamc ones yet? done well on them? if so, there isn't that much point in buying more corporate made up tests.

if you've been doing even mediocre on princeton, thats no need to get worried. If you dont do well on the the aamcs after a while, then you have a problem.
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