Medical Should High Stats Texans apply to all of the Texas med schools?

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Mar 12, 2013
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et's say someone is a 3.85/517+ applicant (ORM) from a T25 undergrad, and a Texas resident. Assuming they had good ECs (substantial research, 200+ clinical, 200+ nonclinical, shadowing), should they absolutely still apply to all the TMDSAS schools? Or could they be more selective regarding which Texas schools to apply to, especially if they have no interest in rural medicine or primary care, i.e. ruling out schools such as TTUHSC El Paso, UTRGV, UH, TCOM, SHSU? A sample school list would be:

UT Dell
Texas A&M
TTUHSC Lubbock
and then 12 OOS T40 schools

Thanks in advance!
...I would still apply to all the Texas schools. Yes, you are competitive, but no one is a shoo-in.


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Sep 30, 2008
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I find it hard to justify NOT applying to all state schools, pretty much regardless of your state of residence. It just makes more sense to me to apply to all, and then decline interviews if you wind up in the fortunate position of having more IIs than you know what to do with.

When I applied many moons ago I applied to all of the Texas schools. I was initially disappointed with the schools that accepted me on 10/15, but while I am glad that I eventually got accepted to one of my higher choices I also absolutely would have attended my less favored school over reapplying. Similarly, unless you truly would choose not to attend medical school over matriculating at a "lower tier" school (which would be a mistake), I would apply to all of them even if you think you're likely to be accepted at one of the "top" schools.
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