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Medical Should I accept acceptance from a not so great DO school?

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Mar 12, 2013
  1. Resident [Any Field]
So after 2 cycles , I finally received my first acceptance at LMU-DCOM l. However after reading up on the school I’m pretty nervous too attend . With everything going on with the merger and now step 1 becoming p/f. I’m scared of severely limiting options. Also finding out that the accreditation warning has me freaked out also. I am interested in primary care fields like FM , IM and on/gyn But since I want to match in the east coast I’m not sure if that will be possible . I’m currently on the waitlist for UNECOM and NYITCOM and praying to get off . But if I don’t should I give up my dcom acceptance or just take it and try my Best ?
LMU not bad. Buddy just graduated from there. One of the top board scores in nation and matched into one of the most competing specialties at one of the best programs.

You will get what you put into it.

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Sep 28, 2009
  1. Attending Physician
1. You should be able to match in a primary care field coming from any DO school.
2. Many people do not match in their preferred locations for residency. After residency, options are far more open, particularly for primary care, as every adult can use a primary care doctor.
3. I would not give up your acceptance. Congratulations! You got into medical school! It's a difficult path, but welcome to the family. We're excited to have you. If you give up this acceptance, you run a high risk of it being seen as a red flag by other schools. You can survive medical school. I look forward to seeing you in practice after residency!
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