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Dec 23, 2020
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Longtime lurker, first time poster here. I'm a career changer doing my own DIY post-bacc at a local university (second bachelor's). I am planning on doing Academic Fresh Start (I am a Texas resident) before I apply TMDSAS, and will be in a position to potentially apply next year; I will hopefully also be enacting my Academic Fresh Start next year as well. I will be taking my last pre-req next semester in Spring (Bio II + lab), and plan to take my MCAT April 30 (tentative). Just wanted to know if it was even feasible for me to apply out-of-state (AMCAS/AACOMAS) for the 2021-2022 cycle, or if I should even apply (TMDSAS) next cycle at all.

My stats right now:
Overall GPA: 3.02
BCPM GPA: 3.39

I have a strong upward trend (I think?). Unfortunately, I had a few lapses in my first go-around at undergrad, so I will be listing my "yearly" grades as averages of my grades roughly every 30-35 total semester hours. (most of the semester hours calculated were converted from quarter hours)

Y1 (31.3 hrs) / Y2 (30.6 hrs) / Y3 (33.1 hrs) / Y4 (38.4 hrs) / PostBacc (35 hrs)
cGPA per year: 0.82, 3.03, 3.30, 3.75, 3.91
BCPM per year: 1.47, 3.30, 2.08, 3.86, 3.91

Running overall GPA trend by year: 0.82, 1.91, 2.39, 2.78, 3.02
Running overall BCPM by year: 1.47, 1.89, 1.95, 2.95, 3.39

I'm enrolled in 12 credits next semester and will have to take another class (3 more credits) if I plan to do Academic Fresh Start next year (probably during Maymester 2021). If I calculate a projected 4.0 (which I think I can do) for those upcoming classes, my adjusted gpa's would be:

cGPA: 3.10, sGPA: 3.49

cGPA: 3.56, sGPA: 3.73

Relevant Extracurriculars:
- ~6,000 total paid clinical hours (EMT, wound care tech, clinical assistant at brain injury rehab center, Spanish medical interpreter*) *current job
- ~1,000 hrs in research
- published abstract (1st author)
- upcoming authorship in manuscript (5th or 6th author)
- nonclinical volunteering: ~100 hrs

I know MCAT is obviously needed before anyone really knows if I should I even apply or not. But even if I did really well on the MCAT, would it even be worth it to apply AMCAS allopathic with my stats?

Thanks everyone in advance!
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