Dental Should I apply this cycle if retaking a prerequisite?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I had previously felt like I should wait until 2021 to apply for this reason: A couple years ago I got a D+ in a general chemistry lab, and I was planning on retaking it in my Spring 2020 semester. Because of COVID-19 the lab was canceled and I now am retaking the lab during the Fall 2020 semester. I wanted to wait until 2021 so that my application would reflect that I retook the class and got a high grade, and I felt that just saying that I would retake the class would look really bad on my application. Since that semester my grades have improved. My last semester I got a 4.0, and my cumulative GPA is a 3.63. Yesterday I took my DAT and got an AA of 23. Because it is a high score, I am now considering applying THIS cycle. Do you think that it would be worth it to apply super late, with the D+, and let them know that I am retaking the lab? Should I wait until I retake?
If you haven't already retaken the prerequisite you may have some trouble with your application. You have to pass those prerequisites.

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