should i be concerned with percentage of correct questions or overall score


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Jun 27, 2007
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You do have to get more questions right to get a better score. However, I'd focus more on improving your MCAT score. The two are connected very strongly, but there are times when a test was comparatively easy so more people got a higher percentage of questions correctly. That means you would have to get more right to get a good score. On the other hand, sometimes tests are more difficult so you need less questions right to get the same score. Looking at the MCAT score helps normalize those tests rather than solely looking at the percentages. So look towards improving your MCAT score and not necessarily your percentage. In the end, the percentages don't matter, only your MCAT score. Sorry that this is so conviluted, it'd be easier for me to explain in person.

I thought Kaplan 1-6 were good practice for the real thing. Their PS and BS seemed closer to the test I took with the VR being closer to the AAMC tests.

The best way to improve your score is to do tons of practice problems and thoroughly analyze your results to sore up any weakness in content or technique.


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Jun 2, 2007
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I have taken 3 of Kaplan Full length tests and scored 11/10/9 (30), 10/8/9 (27), and 11/8/10 (29) improve my score should I be concerned with getting a certain percentage of questions correct because it seems that on certain tests I get way more questions correct, but the same scaled score or should I worry about the overall score?

Are these full lengths realistic compared to the AAMC? I am saving those for closer to the actual test.

What are the best ways to improve my score further?

I usually aimed to be above 40/52 in the sciences, and I considered 30/40 a ten in the verbal, my Kaplan overall scores were through the roof due to the soft curve towards the end of my studying period but I never considered the scores to be representative.
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