Medical Should I be worried about being prescreened out with okay stats?

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My primary application was verified on 7/5 and was transmitted to schools on 7/10. The only school I applied to that prescreens applicants is Vanderbilt, however I have yet to receive their secondary application. My GPA is a 3.74 and my MCAT is a 520, and I have seen several individuals with lower GPA/MCAT scores receive their secondaries on the school-specific forum. As of right now, their website indicates that they have sent ~2,700 secondaries out for ~3,150 primaries (~85%). Considering that I have seen several individuals who were verified later than me with lower scores receive a secondary, I've begun to panic that there is some massive red flag in my application I'm not aware of that other schools won't see until after secondaries are submitted.

My main question is if this is something I should email the admissions committee about. I know it's still early in the cycle, but this has me sufficiently worried about my application in general considering only ~15% of applicants were not offered a secondary. Since I've seen individuals with lower stats get a secondary, I would assume that isn't the reason for rejection. If there is a large enough issue I'd want to withdraw and reapply next cycle rather than spend thousands more on secondaries, I would just like to know what that issue is specifically. Is emailing the committee alright, or is it overreacting/jumping the gun?
Patience is a virtue; the need for instant gratification is not.

Schools stratify the apps as they come in and don't send out secondaries or IIs merely in chronological order.

Secondaries are often a tax on the hopelessly naïve, if not pathologically optimistic.

Email Admissions is a good way to telegraph that you are needy and impatient, especially in the age of COVID, where paper is delayed and people are working from home.

And you consider yourself rejected until you get your accept email in your Inbox.
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