Medical Should I be worried if I listed ERAS experiences under the wrong category?

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Hi everyone,
I feel like I am in a nightmare right now because I submitted my ERAS application this Sunday, and NOW I notice I put a good amount of experiences under the wrong category. I proofread my experiences multiple times on different days and thought I was careful. I don't know how I overlooked the category I originally selected. Now I am afraid I look careless and it will cost me interviews. This is the worst feeling ever.
Has anybody done this and still got interviews/matched?
I appreciate honest answers and any support. Thank you!
1. Only you and verified experts can see this post. There are not that many of us, and most are part of the pre-med game. You'd probably get more traction posting something like this in the ERAS sub-forum.

2. That said, literally nobody cares about your "experiences" on ERAS. This is a total non-issue. Move on and good luck with the season.

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