Should I buy Kaplan 528?


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Jun 22, 2009
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    No. You shouldn't buy it. I bought it and I opened it once. Got a 506 on the exam. (93% Bio 79% C/P) It may just serve for more practice, but the best sources of practice are the question packs from AAMC and the full-length. Those are representative of the exam. But the overall exam was a little easier.


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    Dec 18, 2014
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      I bought it and didn't use it much. It has a couple of practice passages and strategies but By the time I felt ready to look at it (it's advertised for advanced MCAT studying after all) I had pretty much already developed my attack strategies for each section. It also seemed like the passages were specifically designed to exactly match the stratagies they were telling you to use, which didn't make it seem reflective of the real exam (overall the passages seemed extremely specific and not at all like what I saw on the MCAT).I think the money could be better either saved or used on another book.
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