Medical Should I continue taking medical school prerequisites?

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I'm a junior at a top-10 university who has really been struggling with her premed science classes. I've earned Cs in my introductory biology, chemistry, and first-semester physics class. In my neuroscience major classes, I've gotten Bs. Being a low-income URM with little science background, I've felt really isolated and anxious in my classes where many students are re-learning material they were taught in high school. I have strong clinical volunteering and leadership experience, as well as some research experience. I'm genuinely very passionate about medicine but feel like my low GPA (3.0 overall, 2.5 BCPM) will not improve if I take organic chemistry, biochemistry, and Physics II at this very competitive university. Are these low science grades a sign that medicine might not be for me, regardless of the passion I believe I have for it? Are they more a sign of attending a school that is more rigorous than appropriate given my background? Would it be best for me to stop taking pre-med classes for now and focus on building my skills and bringing up my science GPA through my major (I think I could plausibly get A/B+ marks in these classes without the added stress of advanced chemistry and physics classes), and then take the rest of the pre-requisites at a different university/through a post-baccalaureate program? I'm just not sure how to move forward.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated!

Right now you still need to learn how to learn. Go to your school's learning or education center for help with study habits, test taking tips, time mgt etc.

At this point, it's also less about the GPA anymore, and having a stretch of academic excellence to show that the lemonade of the future is not the lemonade of the past.
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