Medical Should I disclose ADHD medication for matriculant drug testing or come off it?

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I am wondering what the best course of action is for my situation. My future medical school has a required drug test during orientation for all matriculating students. The drug test is done through the university health clinic at orientation and not through an outside drug testing company.
I am prescribed dexmethylphenidate 20mg XR once per day and 10mg instant release 1-2 per day for ADHD. I have been prescribed this for about 3 years now.

My question is, do you think I should try and not take these medications before the drug test so it won't show up on the drug test and so I won't have to disclose my diagnosis to the school?
I have read it is best to not disclose an ADHD diagnosis to your medical school. What do you think?

Thank you for your thoughts and perspectives on this!
If you ever need accommodation, you're going to need to disclose thus.

This info wouldn't leave student services either, it's protected medical info


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If this is a legal prescription for a documented medical condition and you have medical documentation, I advise you to continue on your prescribed medical treatment and just report it. Yes, the school is going to know, but this is something that comes up in licensing and residency, and I've seen the hard way when candidates (mostly residents) go off their meds, have a mental health episode, then get disciplined for having poor judgment (especially considering the risks). I would recommend strongly that you just get the documentation together and send it to student services as a positive would be normal and necessary. You will face the same criteria for licensing, and honestly, it just is something that you should accept as to possibly have an uncontrolled episode could risk patient safety.

This is not an accommodation issue, this is simply the necessary treatment for a diagnosed medical condition, and that will be considered fairly.


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Agreeing with @lord999 : do NOT go off your prescription. You should discuss disclosing your diagnosis to the university student health services office. Because of FERPA and HIPPA, your information will not be shared with residency directors when it comes time to apply.

That said, the number of students that are taking ADHD medication is probably higher than you think, especially in medical schools. How ADHD Made Me A Better Physician and Teacher
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