Medical Should I do an SMP after postboc or apply?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I am hoping I can get some perspective or advice:

I’m a non-trad with a business BS 3.0 cGPA Originally started as Bio major with a sGPA 3.70 cGPA 3.65. I switched majors because I was working and kept getting promoted and made more and more money thinking this is it, I made. But I ended up regretting my decision a few years later because my passion really lied in healthcare, and by then it was too late to reverse my major so I was stuck graduating with a business degree. My low cGPA is because of all the business courses that I didn’t care for. Fast forward 8 years later, I’m now starting a post-bacc at WashU this fall and even with 40 units of post bacc my cGPA will only rise to 3.25-3.3 with projected sGPA 3.70-3.80. Looking at MSAR median data and not a single school has cGPA range of starting that low. The lowest was 3.47. I’m afraid I won’t even make the cut for primary. Should I not waste time and money on app and do a SMP right after post bacc? Or should I still apply since I’d have a high sGPA?

Thank you
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