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Medical Should I do Double Major or Major + Master's?

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  • Oct 14, 2011
    1. Academic Administration
      I just finished my sophomore year of undergrad with a completed chemistry minor and on track to complete majors in biochemistry and medical anthropology. My GPA is solid so far - 3.80 - and I've been keeping up with volunteer and clinical opportunities alongside extracurricular clubs and working as a research assistant in a chemistry lab.

      I haven't been super excited working in the research lab this past year - just kinda feel *meh* about it. The biochemistry major will require that I keep working in a research lab for credit and I don't know that I necessarily want to do that. So I began looking at my options and found a program offered by my school for an 'integrated graduate studies' through our school of medicine to finish your senior year with a master's degree in bioethics and medical humanities alongside your bachelor's degree. After talking to an acquaintance who just graduated from this program, she had nothing but stellar reviews and specified the clinical experiences and networking opportunities as a perfect stepping stone into medical school.

      So basically, I've come to a crossroads looking forward onto these next 2 years of college. I can't complete my two majors and do this integrated masters program as well simply because there's only so much time in a day (especially because I'll be studying abroad spring semester of my junior year). My question is whether it would be more advantageous for my ambitions to go to medical school to complete two majors in medical anthropology and biochemistry or rather complete a major in medical anthropology and a master's degree in bioethics.
      There are no advantages to picking one combination of majors and degrees over the other.


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      Mar 6, 2005
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        There are no advantages to picking one combination of majors and degrees over the other.
        One minor caveat...there are no advantages, assuming one can perform equally well in one vs the other. If you become disillusioned with the biochem major, resulting in a drop in your GPA, that will be a significant issue.
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