Medical Should I do Economics Major with Pre-Med Req's or Econ and Biology Double Major?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi, I was planning on graduating this spring with a degree in Economics while doing the pre-medical prerequisite classes, but due to COVID-19 I was granted another year of athletic eligibility for next year. I am planning on applying to medical schools in June 2021, would you recommend using my extra year of eligibility to get the double major? Or am I better off graduating this spring and using the extra time to work more and/or do more research depending on how everything plays out with COVID19? Thanks. PS: I have a 3.78gpa, 3.76bcpm (another year of classes would potentially raise it to 3.81). I also am already a 5th year due to athletic injuries so coming back next year would mean I am in undergrad for 6 years, so not sure how that would look).
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